Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome to Up Next And Forward!

With great warmth and a kind smile, I welcome all perusing blog-goers to Up Next And Forward. A blog crafted from the future-oriented thoughts of a presently-thinking high school senior, UpNAF will share topics ranging from the politics of education to the economic impact of growing up watching cartoons and everything in between. Suggestions will always be welcome, but expect the variety of issues covered to be wide. I will be writing from my viewpoint as a high school student, with college and a career nearing, and with the news of the world at my fingertips. The generation labeled "Millennials" are witnessing tragedies, disasters, political issues, economic turbulence, education changes, media slander, foreign interventions, and simple American living firsthand with a fresher perspective. They want to change the world, and I will attempt to bring to public light the views of the citizens that will have to combat problems old and new using impressively forward thinking and technique. 

May the odds be ever in the favor of those up next, and may you all find insight in the mindsets of the decision-makers currently and in times to come.

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